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We met on the campus of the University of Missouri in 1997. What was supposed to be just a summer fling sparked, ignited, and fueled a bond and connection that continues to burn after 20 years of marriage. We have two incredible adult daughters, Jazmyn and Raevyn, and have launched Marriage MasterMYnds during a time when God is teaching us new lessons in a new season of love and life. We have spent over half our lives together, and have encountered many trials, triumphs, and tribulations, all of which have allowed us to grow and flourish as partners, lovers, and friends. 

From learning to navigate marriage and parenthood as young twenty-somethings when we were only beginning to discover ourselves, to rediscovering how to do life, love, and marriage now that the nest is empty, we have been on a wonderful journey that we pour into the work of Marriage MasterMYnds. We have been blessed tremendously, achieving great things as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. We ascribe to the adage, “To whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48). We take this seriously as we build this Movement and invest in our clients. With this, we do not seek to be anyone’s #RelationshipGoals or #MarriageGoals. We instead offer a community, providing tools and resources to help individuals and couples plan, execute and achieve their own goals. We do not consider ourselves a “Power Couple”; we work hard each day to be a “Godly Couple.” 

While we are not a religious organization, we place God at the foundation of Marriage MasterMYnds. With that, we are coming with the raw and the real (we may even cuss a little bit)! We are not perfect, but we put in the work to create a perfect situation that allows us to embrace our flaws and imperfections to plant seeds in the Black community by helping build stable and healthy families. We operate from our personal mantra, “Always Give Back”, and are thrilled God is using us to share this platform for the benefit of others.



As a wife, mother, attorney, educator, speaker, and author, I have taken pride in bringing my authentic self and my personal experiences to pour into others. I was born to a teenage mother and placed into a loving and nurturing kinship family arrangement at three days old. My later experiences in family court, reconnecting with an estranged biological mother and stepfather, and meeting my biological father as an adult influence our commitment to expand the work of Marriage MasterMYnds to families as a whole. 


Because of my complex background, I learned at an early age that love hurts, and I did not aspire to be married in my adult life. There were no positive images of marriage, and I often witnessed women who seemed to lack adequate self-love; therefore trying to pour into a relationship from an empty cup. I had the mindset that, “I can do bad all by myself.”  I am blessed to have had a life-changing encounter that enabled me to give love a chance. I now recognize the beauty of sharing life in a partnership full of love, respect, and sustained commitment. 


Though my story has a lot of twists and turns, my resilience and relentless pursuit of a better life are at the core of my work in mentoring, teaching, writing and creating. As a visionary and servant leader, I have a passion for recognizing gaps and building programs and experiences to enhance the lives of others. I am currently working on my doctoral degree with scholarship and research priorities focusing on intimate and interpersonal relationships, marriage, and family dynamics, with an emphasis on Black women and the Black family. I am a lifelong learner and continue to invest in myself so I may create and serve for the benefit of others. My role in Marriage MasterMYnds is to ensure a judgment-free zone where clients are able to be vulnerable in order to receive the tools needed to become “MasterMYnds” in building the marriages they desire and deserve.



I have been privileged and honored to serve academic, non-profit and corporate organizations, as well as my own entrepreneurial endeavors, as a leader in diversity and inclusion, business development, fundraising, organizational development, and education. As a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, I have extensive experience in developing and delivering workshops and trainings to a wide-range of clients helping maximize their business and personal potential.

  Originally from Berkeley, Missouri, I am the youngest of eight, father of two daughters and husband for 20 years. My passion for family, community and healthy relationships began when I took my first breath. Although I am the youngest of eight, I grew up as an only child learning from my mother and father witnessing how they worked within a blended family structure and carrying out the roles that worked for their marriage. 

I have learned over the years that, while there are foundational elements to healthy relationships, each couple has to define and communicate what works for their partnership. Whether you know me in a professional capacity, through personal networks or interactions, or through my service in the community, you know cultivating authentic and genuine relationships are part of the fabric of my being. This value shines through as we mentor clients and deliver programs and services intentionally and authentically.


Together with my wife Chalana, I use my own vulnerability and transparency for the benefit of the Movement.

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