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 marriages and FAMILIES

one couple at a time.

Our upcoming events

marriage mastermynds

2nd Annual Black Love Matters Brunch
A Celebration of Love



Chalana M. Scales-Ferguson, Esq. and Lathon C. Ferguson, Co-Founders of Marriage MasterMYnds, LLC, join Angella Sharpe to talk about their upcoming Inaugural Black Love Matters Brunch and more!


"Marriage MasterMYnds sits down with Chelsea Haynes", Studio STL


“Marriage MasterMYnds sits down with Tracie Berry-McGhee & Yolonda Lankford”, OwnYourNow Show



Marriage MasterMYnds, LLC originated from the marriage mentoring ministry and network founded in 2016 serving the community in St. Louis, Missouri.


It was initially established to encourage married couples to be intentional about their relationships and to strategically invest time and effort and become “masterminds” of building and maintaining healthy and fulfilling marriages.  Marriage MasterMYnds has expanded its purpose and reach to a more inclusive audience, and is committed to improving the lives of individuals, couples, and families, with an emphasis on the Black community. 

Marriage MasterMYnds seeks to combat the negative narratives passed on for generations about Black marriage and family, and to spark a Movement to reclaim our stories and experiences by providing programs and services to achieve our mission of “strengthening marriages and families, one couple at a time.” 

Our         Mission

The mission of  Marriage MasterMYnds is to uplift the Black family and, consequently, the Black community, by supporting married couples, intimate partners, and individuals through educational programs, social events, and web-based resources where they may learn methods and strategies to work toward the shared goals of thriving in loving, respectful, and fulfilling relationships, resulting in overall well-being.

Our         Vision

The vision of Marriage MasterMYnds is to strengthen communities by fostering and nurturing healthy relationships and families, leaving a legacy for generations to come. We will accomplish this by aiding our clients as they navigate and overcome challenges, reinforce effective communication and positive connection, establish and maximize key practices, build and sustain healthy partnerships, and enhance the covenant of marriage. Marriage MasterMYnds is more than a program or service, it is a Movement.

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